Statement on the Dartmouth May Day Rally and Encampment

UVDSA Steering Committee | May 3, 2024

"By combining the labor and Palestinian solidarity movements, we can grind the war machine to a halt. To free ourselves, we must free Palestine."


Dartmouth becomes hotbed for union activism

by Frances Mize | Valley News | February 16, 2024

These days, as new unions crop up in the Upper Valley writ large — spurred on by labor shortages, stagnant wages and the various hangovers of the pandemic — whether Dartmouth likes it or not, the college has found itself a hotbed of labor activism. 


Winning a Bargaining Unit for All Graduate Workers

by Logan Mann [UVDSA Labor Co-Chair] | Notes From Below | July 3, 2023

Reflections from a Dartmouth Graduate Worker on a successful campaign to broaden the category of Graduate Worker in the union's recognition contract.


In the Upper Valley, a tenants union helps renters win a seat at the table

by Ethan Weinstein | vtdigger | June 16, 2023

Four new tenants have been elected to the Twin Pines Housing Trust board of trustees with the help of the Upper Valley Tenants Union.


Lebanon Organizers Seek 50% Cut To City's Police Budget, Reallocation To Social Services

by Daniela Alee | NHPR | November 18, 2020

The goal of reallocation, Brietzke says, is to address the root of social problems. The way she and the Upper Valley DSA see it, police just respond to the symptoms of those issues.